GOLDENPIX is a fully integrated production company based in London specialising in producing high quality content for all media platforms in particular film and television.

We thrive on our extensive and vast experience on producing high quality content for  films, documentaries and features. Through powerful storytelling we connect an idea, a vision or an environment to the audience it’s been designed to serve.

We bring our heavyweight expertise to any project to produce high quality content that flows between the informative and the power of an emotive story. We’re passionate for visual flair and gripping story telling.

We bring passion and creativity to every project, whether it’s a film, a documentary or a feature.


Above all we are diverse. We make scripted films, documentaries and features. We want to tell amazing stories in every genre.

However, our focus is on short films at the moment as we believe there are a number of young talented filmmakers who can bring new ideas to the industry. A short film production isn’t a lesser feature film or a skit it is in fact a medium of itself. Despite being on a much smaller scale, short film productions still require exactly the same creativity and production techniques as a full length feature.

At GOLDENPIX, we are all started with short films and have a great experience with a vast professional network to produce high quality short films.

We have a bunch of award winners in house for both production and post production.

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